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Apnea Total Instructor Course

The Apnea Total Instructor Course (ATIC) is designed for experienced freedivers who would like to turn their passion into a career and spread the Apnea Total methodology around the world. This course is by far the most challenging but also the most rewarding course offered in the Apnea Total Education System. 

The Instructor Course lasts for a period of about 4 weeks and consists of intensive theory and water sessions designed to develop your freediving knowledge and teaching skills, which includes the opportunity to take part in an internship where you will be teaching real students. 

To enroll in the ATIC, candidates must be certified Master Freedivers and meet the following requirements:

  • Professional attitude and excellent role modeling skills

  • Having assisted Apnea Total Instructors while teaching both the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses

Physical requirements including:

  • Dives to at least 35 meters in the CWT discipline

  • Repetitive CWT dives with short surface intervals (stamina exercises)

  • Static Apnea time of at least 4:30 

To gain certification as an Apnea Total Instructor you will also be required to teach at least two Freediver Courses and one Advanced Course under the supervision of an Apnea Total Instructor Trainer.

Price: $1200

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