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Apnea Total
Apnea Total Beginner Freediver

2 classroom sessions. 2 open water diving sessions.

Price: $250

The Freediver Course is designed for those with little or no experience in the ocean or who have no formal freediving education. This course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths up to 20 meters. Although this might sound difficult to achieve in just a couple of days, you will be surprised what our experienced team of freediving instructors can do for you! 

My focus on meditation and relaxation will guarantee a comfortable experience for even the most nervous divers.

The course includes 2 classroom sessions and two open water diving sessions.

Apnea Total Advanced Freediver

2 classroom sessions. 1 pool session. 2 deep water sessions.

Price: $320

In the Advanced Freediver Course, you will improve upon what you have learned in the beginners course and discover your potential. 

This 3-day course is divided into 3 classroom sessions, 1 pool session, and 2 deep water sessions. You will start with an introduction to the discipline of Static Apnea, where you will discover what your body is capable on a breath hold and boost your confidence for diving. With some knowledge on visualization strategies and the science behind what happens in your body during a breathhold youll be surprised at what you’re capable of. Then in the following days during our deep diving water sessions, you will enjoy achieving new depths with knowledge, control, and comfort.


Highly experienced Apnea Total instructors will be by your side at all times and will guide you with precise instructions on breathing and relaxation techniques necessary to achieve your true potential.

Apnea Total Master Freediver

4-6 weeks . Unlimited fun dives for life

Price: $900

This 4-6 week course will be structured to your individual goals. 

You will be guided through several workshops including: dive site setup and knots, dynamic training, constant weight no fins, mouthflll and deep equalization techniques, as well as daily pranayama and yoga routines. 

You will improve your depth, technique, and learn various different disciplines and training tools. 

Included in the masters course is unlimited diving for life.

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