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My name is Erin Kneuer  and I became a freediving instructor in 2017 when I came to Utila for some volunteer work. When I first tried freediving in Utila I fell in love with the ocean in a new way. Having been a scuba diver since I was a child I was always drawn to the ocean but when I discovered freediving I knew I needed the ocean to be an integral part of my life. Diving on one breath was different and so much more peaceful for me. I ditched the tank and focused solely on freediving. 


In exploring this new activity I also discovered meditation. I began meditating in 2018 and over time I started to notice some profound changes in my diving and my life outside the water too. I felt more at peace and less reactive. After teaching freedive in Utila for 4 years I decided that I wanted to offer something more than just freediving courses. I wanted to offer students lessons on Buddhism, neuroscience and meditation and focus on the inward connection you can gain from freediving and the benefits breath holding can have on the mind and body. It's helped me with anxiety and I knew teaching in a new way would create a more meaningful course. I was given the opportunity in 2021 to open my own school that utilizes a holistic approach focused on that inward connection and connection to the sea rather than solely diving to achieve depth or being competitive with others. This activity is a beautiful inward journey and a way to connect with the ocean that makes you feel like you are returning home. 


Teaching in this style has enabled me to make a greater impact on my students. They are getting more than a freediving course. They are getting an experience that can help them feel more at peace. They are getting lessons they can take away and continue practicing long after we get out of the water. 


Meet our Team

The instructors at One Breath Utila Freediving share a similar passion and interest in freediving with a holistic approach. We've each added our own unique touch to the courses depending on our interests in Buddhism, Stoicism, meditation and neuroscience. 

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